Who would be interested in this service?

High Risk professions: People who work in high risk professions, such as construction workers, firemen, ground maintenance workers, may want to ensure their DNA sample is stored in case of fatalities where there is the need for identification.

Health: Preserving your genetic legacy can help in cases where direct relatives may need access to your DNA for genetic reasons, such as in cases of hereditary diseases and conditions.

Protection of estates: People may make an illegitimate claim to the estate of a deceased. Protect yours by ensuring there is a DNA sample ready for comparison.

Missing persons: Once a person is buried, cremated or if their body has been exposed to chemical and environmental factors, their DNA may be very difficult to extract. Identification can be even more challenging if investigators do not have a DNA sample from which to extract a DNA profile for comparison. Storing your DNA in a laboratory ensures that the DNA will remain viable. DNA not stored in the right conditions can degrade- if a DNA sample contains DNA which has degraded, the chances of successfully extracting a DNA profile can significantly diminish.

DNA banking- how does it work?

Chain of Custody DNA banking: With the service, we will store your DNA for 15 years in a secure and safe facility. Your DNA sample can be collected by a neutral, third party doctor or nurse (known as a sampler) using our kit. The sampler will ensure the DNA sample is collected following a “chain of custody”*. Samples are collected by means of mouth swabs.

Once we receive your sample we will test it to make sure there is enough DNA in the sample. We will send you a banking certificate which will state the 15 year storage period as well as information regarding who will have access to the DNA sample should the need arise. Our Chain of Custody DNA banking service is offered at just €139.

*“Chain of Custody” refers to the steps that need to be followed for the DNA sample collection which will ensure the sample can be used for legal purposes.

Chain of Custody DNA banking and DNA profiling: You can opt to have our DNA banking service as well as your 16 genetic marker profile extracted. Our clients will receive 2 documents:

  1. A DNA banking certificate confirming the 15 year storage period as well as information regarding who will have access to the DNA sample should the need arise.
  2. A report showing your 16 marker DNA profile.

Get your DNA stored and your DNA profile for €249.

If you wish to just order a DNA profile without DNA banking, click here.

Infidelity DNA Test

DNA Profiles


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